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Nimble Streamer

Cost-efficient software media server

Nimble Streamer is one of the most cost effective media servers available on the market.
It provides a wide range of features for live and on-demand streaming.

Take a look at our latest case study:
LiveX and VVCR: Nimble Streamer Powers Cloud Production Innovator
featuring some of our interesting capabilities used by the leading production company.

Live streaming

Nimble Streamer provides wide feature set for live streaming via various protocols
including SRT, RTMPWebRTC with WHIP ingest and WHEP ABR playback, subtitlesDante® audio support, ZixiNDI® and Apple Low Latency HLS with codecs like H.264, HEVCAV1 and more.

Live Transcoder

Decode, transform and encode live video and audio streams with Nimble Streamer transcoding premium add-on

Low cost of ownership

Just $50/m per server instance

Free trial of WMSPanel included

Case studies and reviews

Take a look at some cases of Nimble Streamer usage:

Free trial of WMSPanel included

Remote control and reporting via web service

WMSPanel web service

Server configuration options

Control your fleet of servers via WMSPanel web UI service.
Use web APIs, native APIs and config files for more.

Centralized reporting web service

Aggregate stats from all servers in WMSPanel account.
Give your customers full picture of content performance.

Step-by-step adoption guide

Adopting Softvelum products

YouTube recommends Nimble Streamer among approved encoders for YouTube Live streaming for RTMP and upcoming SRT ingest.

Nimble Streamer: Cost-Efficient Streaming Software: read the spotlight article at Streaming Media.

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