Softvelum provides a number of products which allow building any types of live streams delivery.
This page describes some popular use cases of Softvelum products usage. Go to each case study to learn more about it and get links for further study and setup.

Mobile to mobile

Capture live stream on mobile device, control its origin, process it with media server and deliver it to other users' devices.

Camera recording, transcoding and protected playback

Get live stream from camera or encoder, process it with media server, record and deliver it to other users' devices with protection.

Build delivery network with power origin

Get live stream to origin server with transcoding, publish streams to edges, then balance the load of users between them.

Haivision and Softvelum snapshot

Reliable Low Latency Delivery with SRT+SLDP - a post in Haivision blog describing the combination of Haivision and Softvelum products for building reliable delivery networks.
It covers SRT and SLDP technologies usage for bulding encoder-origin-edge-player delivery chain.