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Larix Player for Android

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Larix Player for iOS

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Larix Player

JavaScript player allows playing SLDP on any platform with MSE support like Win, Linux, Mac, Android and iPad.

Supported codecs include AVC/H.264, HEVC/H,265, VP8 and VP9 for video with AAC and MP3 audio. Visit each platform page for more details on protocol and codec support.

Softvelum Low Delay Protocol is based on WebSockets with sub-second delay and ultra-low latency with codec-agnostic adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming.
This is a replacement for RTMP live playback now when Flash has been recently declined.
SLDP is codec-agnostic so the player can get the stream and play whatever the target platform supports. Read FAQ for advantages and best techniques of SLDP.

Secure Reliable Transport is based on UDP and it gives reliability and security for passing live streams over unreliable networks like mobile or long-distance delivery.
SRT playback in Larix Player for Android and iOS allows improving user experience of our customers.

Learn more about glass-to-glass SRT delivery setup with Nimble Streamer, Larix Broadcaster and Larix Player.

Synchronized playback

SLDP technology allows performing synchronized simultaneous playback on multiple browsers and devices. This is important for cases like these:

  • One big screen with audio on individual devices.
  • A second screen application.
  • Multiple screens with single source of sound.
  • Surveillance cameras shown on the same page.
This capability is supported in Nimble Streamer server, HTML5 SLDP Player, Larix Player for iOS and Android.
Read this article which explains the setup and usage. Also visit demo page to see it in action.

Player SDKs

You might want to customize our players or embed playback capabilities into your apps or pages.
You can subscribe to proper SDKs and use them in your solutions. You will pay us only as long as you need our support or updates.

All SDKs include source code of our free apps so you get a working solution right after the purchase.
Visit Android, iOS and HTML5 players pages for more details.

Buy Player SDKs

Larix Broadcaster

If you need not only to play but to stream from your mobile device, check out Larix Broadcaster for Android and iOS.