Playback solutions

Players and SDKs for Softvelum Low Delay Protocol, RTMP and Icecast

Low latency streaming requires a proper set of tools for live stream delivery chain, especially for playback.
Softvelum has apps and SDKs for live media consumption on mobile devices and web pages.

Pick the platform you need to find out more about specific capabilities.

Playback feature set depends on the user platform as well as codecs and protocols.
The core feature of all players is the support for SLDP streaming protocol based on WebSockets, providing sub-second delay. SLDP is codec-agnostic so the player can play whatever the target platform supports. By default it uses AVC/H.264 video with AAC audio, additional features include RTMP/RTMPS and Icecast protocols, HEVC/H.265, VP8, VP9 and MP3 codecs support and more.
All players support real-time adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming.

SLDP Player free apps

Try our SLDP Player free app to see our technology in action.
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HTML5 JavaScript player is also available for free download from our website.

Also visit Android, iOS and HTML5 players pages to get more details on each platform.

Premium SDKs

You might want to customize our players or embed playback capabilities into your apps or pages.
You can subscribe to proper SDKs and use them in your solutions. You will pay us only as long as you need our support or updated.

All SDKs include source code of our free apps so you get a working solution right after the purchase.

Visit Android, iOS and HTML5 players pages for more details.


Please also take a look at frequently asked questions to see advantages and best techniques of SLDP usage and SDK releases history page has the latest updates of SLDP Player SDK.

Buy player SDKs

Larix apps and SDK for streaming from mobile

To allow your users broadcast from mobile devices, you should take a look at Larix apps and SDKs. They have wide support for capturing, encoding and transmitting the content.

Check Android and iOS platforms pages to get more details.

Part of your streaming infrastructure

SLDP Player works perfectly with other Softvelum solutions.
Check some snapshots of Softvelum usage to see how you can use SLDP Player with other products.

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