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Nimble Streamer and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

Nimble Streamer is a comprehensive and efficient solution for RTMP streaming. It can handle incoming RTMP streams, making it possible to re-publish, re-use, and play them back using any player, encoder, or server software. Additionally, Nimble Streamer supports RTMP over SSL (RTMPS) for secure transmission in all supported modes. In addition, interleaving compensation can be set up in case when your audio and video are unsynchronized.

Nimble Streamer offers a variety of codec options for video and audio, including AVC/H.264, AV1, HEVC/H.265, VP6, AAC, MP3, and Speex. Please read more about supported codecs.

New: Enhanced RTMP spec support for HEVC and AV1

Enhanced RTMP spec that allows carrying HEVC and AV1 content is supported by Nimble Streamer.

This brings those codecs into all the scenarios supported for RTMP:

  • Re-package into MPEG-DASH (with HEVC and AV1) and HLS (HEVC only).
  • Repuiblish RTMP into other servers and services.
  • Publish HEVC-encoded RTMP live streams to YouTube.
  • Re-package into other protocols like SRT or MPEG-TS.
  • And use in all other cases listed below.

Read our annoucement about this spec and related functionality.


Producing HLS and MPEG-DASH from RTMP

Output streams may contain AVC/H.264 and NEVC/H.265 content. MPEG-DASH may also carry AV1.

Republishing RTMP

You can set up RTMP republishing for incoming published and pulled streams. With that being set up, you can bring live streams to edge servers for further usage like transmuxing.

Build live streaming networks with various origins and edges connected via RTMP as well as other supported protocols. Notice that you may add and remove republishing rules via WMSPanel API as well as via Nimble Streamer native API in addition to WMSPanel web UI.
With that capability you can re-stream your content in the following services:

This video shows all popular RTMP scenarios setup.
Visit our YouTube channel to watch other videos.

Re-package into other live protocols

Same transmuxing engine allows re-packaging RTMP content into the following protocols.

Pull by Request

Nimble Streamer can create RTMP and HLS streams by request from pulled RTMP sources in case you have streams which you don't want to pull 24/7.
This is helpful when you have many stations or cameras which are not required to be transmuxed all the time. | for output streams.

DVR Recording

Nimble Streamer DVR feature set allows you to record incoming RTMP live streams for further playback via HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Server-Side Ads Insertion for RTMP

Nimble Advertizer supports server-side ads insertion for RTMP live streams. This allows users to insert advertising into RTMP streams, regardless of the viewer's platform and player, and implement custom business logic for pre-roll and mid-roll with user-specific insertion.
Visit Advertizer page for technical specs and other details.


Nimble provides RTMP playback from any incoming RTMP stream.
The output can be pulled for re-use and playback by any player, encoder or server software.

Hot Swap

Hot swap capabilities allow switching between source origin and substitute streams with no glitches or artifacts:

API and Control

There are several ways to control RTMP streaming with Nimble Streamer, including the WMSPanel web UI, a publish control framework, a stream availability push API, and a set of WMSPanel and Nimble native APIs.

  • RTSP publish control allows to secure your ingest points from unwanted streams. It has several levels of control including custom handler web app to apply your business logic to your broadcasting process. This is a must-have feature for mobile broadcasting.
    Pleaseread this overview article to learn more about benefits of publish control framework and check the detailed setup description to see it in action.
  • Stream availability push API allows getting notifications about RTSP streams publishing and unpublishing.
  • Set of WMSPanel APIs allows controlling RTSP settings.
  • Set of Nimble native APIs allows getting RTMP streams status and performing some control activities.


Stream aliases are available for making flexible security settings and statistics.

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