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Pseudo-Streaming for HTML 5 and Progressive Download

Pseudo-streaming is a streaming technique used for HTML5 videos. It works by dynamically loading video segments as they are requested, rather than preloading the entire video before playback begins. By using this approach, pseudo-streaming can reduce start up time and provide better playback performance. Since the stream is not continuous, only the data required to play back the current segment is loaded, allowing for more efficient bandwidth usage. This makes pseudo-streaming a great choice for streaming large files without wasting too much data or sacrificing quality. Pseudo-streaming also offers better control over buffering and caching issues, making it an ideal solution for HTML5 video players.

Sometimes Pseudo Streaming and progressive download are used interchangeably. Technically, pseudo streaming, and progressive downloading are both methods to deliver online video. Streaming makes use of a dedicated video streaming server to send a video stream directly to a client's channel. Progressive download refers to the delivery of a video file through conventional web servers like HTTP. This method allows for direct playback as soon as enough of the file is downloaded, enabling users to watch videos with minimal wait time.

Nimble supports streaming progressive download and pseudo streaming out of the box.

Please find this example for setting up progressive download
Start VOD streaming easily with Nimble Streamer

If you decide to stream using HLS rather than progressive download some day, we provide MP4 re-packaging for HLS origin streaming with AAC and MP3 to HLS capabilities and also produce HLS from UDP MPEG-TS as origin.

If users need Icecast, please check out transmuxing of RTMP to Icecast streams.

Please feel free towatch this online demoto see progressive download in action.

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