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Nimble Streamer NDI Support

Softvelum Nimble Streamer supports NDI® input and output

NDI is a protocol for video delivery over IP that has been widely adopted by professionals in the live production industry. The protocol was designed with the idea of making video production and processing easier and more efficient. It achieves this by providing full interoperability between different vendor solutions, abstracting the video source from the video destination, and compressing video content moderately so it can be delivered over local networks.

Take a look at our latest case study:
LiveX and VVCR: Nimble Streamer Powers Cloud Production Innovator
featuring Nimble Streamer NDI used by the leading production company.

NDI streaming in Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer has full support for NDI protocol input and output. Its main purpose is to deliver live streams efficiently therefore it is not a production-level mixing and editing tool.

NDI input into Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer takes NDI input and handles it for further processing.

Example: Nimble Streamer gets NDI stream in local network, re-package it to SRT and deliver it to distant production site with high reliability and security.
Check NDI to SRT to AWS Elemental MediaConnect video as example.

NDI output from Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer can take any live stream input and create output NDI stream.

Example: having SRT stream from external public network, Nimble Streamer can re-package it into NDI for further production purposes.
Or generate NDI stream from local files via Server Playlist.

Synchronizing NDI and Dante with Nimble Streamer

Dante audio is supported in Nimble Streamer as input as output.
One of the key features of Dante integration is the ability to sync NDI and Dante streams:

  • Nimble can take Dante and NDI and make them synced-up so the output live stream will have aligned audio and video.
  • Nimble can generate Dante and NDI output in perfect sync with each other.

Read more on Dante support page.

NDI monitoring console tool

In addition to supporting NDI, Nimble Streamer has a console tool for diagnosing NDI streams. This tool provides a list of active NDI streams in the network, as well as detailed information about video and audio frames. All of this makes it a valuable resource for testing and debugging the Nimble and NDI setup. With its ability to handle a high volume of streams for multiple viewers and its compatibility with various formats, Nimble Streamer is a powerful solution for delivering live streams efficiently and effectively.

  • Get the list of active NDI streams in your network;
  • Get detailed information about video and audio frames;
  • There is no GUI, just a plain text console for your convenience.

This has helped us test and debug our own solution. We are sure it will also help our customers debugging their setup of Nimble and NDI streams in general.

Installation and usage of NDI in Nimble

Currently NDI is available in Nimble Streamer on Windows, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04.

To start using NDI in Nimble Streamer, users need to make the following installation of Softvelum products:

  1. Sign up for WMSPanel account or log in if you have it.
  2. Install Nimble Streamer or upgrade it to latest version.
  3. Subscribe for WMSPanel account, the price starts from 70 USD per month.
  4. Create Live Transcoder license and subscribe for it. It costs 50 USD per month per server.
  5. Install Live Transcoder package and register the license on the server with Nimble Streamer instance
  6. Follow full NDI setup instructions to make NDI-specific setup of Nimble Streamer and Live Transcoder.

Take a look at other NDI-related use cases.

Watch video tutorials:

This playlist has all NDI-related videos explaining various use cases.

Please contact our team if you have any questions or suggestions on NDI functionality.

NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.

Free trial of WMSPanel included

Remote control via web service

WMSPanel web service for managing multiple servers

Control your fleet of servers via WMSPanel web UI service. All settings are applied on-the-fly without streaming interruption. Same setting can be applied to multiple server instances in one click.

NDI mobile streaming with Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster supports NDI®|HX2 output for both Android and iOS.

You can turn your mobile device into NDI source:

  • Output streaming via NDI®|HX2
  • Preview stream support
  • Discovery Server and connection metadata
  • Handle zoom from NDI Studio Monitor