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Icecast and Audio Streaming

Nimble Streamer has rich Icecast and audio streaming feature set

Icecast in Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer can be leveraged as an audio streaming server. When being utilized as an audio streaming solution Nimble supports various audio codecs and can process audio streams from Icecast. The product also supports the transmuxing of multiple protocols into Icecast, and includes a full support of Icecast metadata, SSL for Icecast output, failover and fallback options.

Audio streaming codecs in Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer supports the following audio codecs:

  • AAC input and output is supported via all protocols
  • MP3 input and output via all protocols
  • FLAC in Ogg container via Icecast input and output
  • AC3 and E-AC3 input via MPEG-TS, SRT and RTSP, output via MPEG-TS, SRT, RTSP and HLS
  • Speex input and output via RTMP
  • Opus input via WebRTC WHIP and output via WebRTC WHEP and SLDP
    You can play SLDP with Opus audio on iPhone in audio-only mode.

Learn more on Nimble codecs digest page.

Icecast processing

Icecast may be taken as input for further transmuxing.

Output protocols are Icecast, SRT, NDI, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Multiple protocols can be transmuxed into Icecast.

Other existing Softvelum features and products can be applied for Icecast.

Icecast metadata

Icecast metadata is fully supported in Nimble Streamer and Live Transcoder

Audio live transcoding

Nimble Streamer Transcoder supports various scenarios for audio transformation.
Those include transrating to lower bitrate, re-sampling, voice-over, volume control and others.
Icecast can be used as an input for transcoding among other protocols.

Supported input formats are AAC, MP3, Ogg/FLAC, AC-3, MP2, Speex and PCM G.711 (a-law, μ-law). Outputs are AAC and MP3. You may also generate Opus audio for further usage in WebRTC.

Server-Side Ads Insertion to Icecast

Nimble Advertizer framework allows performing dynamic ads insertion into your live audio streams.

  • Pre-roll and mid-roll ads
  • SCTE-35 markers ads insertion
  • Custom business logic and Personalized ads

Icecast server paywall capabilities

Nimble Streamer supports a variety of features for building paywalls for Icecast streaming. This includes Icecast hotlinking protection feature set as well as pay-per-view framework, geo-location restriction and more.

API and control

Icecast streaming can be controlled in a few other ways besides WMSPanel web UI settings.

Remote control via web service

WMSPanel web service for managing multiple servers

Control your fleet of servers via WMSPanel web UI service. All settings are applied on-the-fly without streaming interruption. Same setting can be applied to multiple server instances in one click.
You may also use web APIs, native APIs and other configuration options.

WMSPanel reporting service allows aggregating stats from all servers and give your customers full picture of their audio streaming performance.

Icecasting mobile playback

Icecast produced by Nimble Streamer can be played in any Icecast player. In addition, Softvelum mobile Larix Player provides Icecast playback on Android and iOS.

Users can also buy our SDK to build their own mobile Icecast playback solutions.

Free trial of WMSPanel included