A common question of our trial users sound similar to this one:
"I'd like to build a large scale streaming infrastructure. It will provide N channels for M simultaneous users. What is the cost of such solution? What would be servers' configuration?"

Such questions cannot be answered in one sentence because a lot of aspects need to be addressed. Some of them are:

You probably don't have answers at the beginning of your project. So we recommend growing your network step by step. This will allow trying our technologies and increasing your costs gradually.
Here we show an example of this kind of approach but you can follow your own path.

Start your trial

This stage will have zero cost and will clarify a lot of your concerns.

Your total cost at this point is 0 USD as it's just a trial period. If you want to take a break and return later then you can just abandon your account and it will be automatically removed a few days after the trial period is over.

Give more load

Having 2 weeks of trial, you can test your Nimble Streamer instance with more load. Nimble has high performance so you can check what amount of viewers your hardware or virtual server is able to handle. You can try performance tuning guide to set up your server for handling thousands of viewers.

At this point you will be more or less familiar with Nimble Streamer capabilities. You will also have some confidence in further integration and extensive testing.


If you'd like to keep extending the usage of our technologies, you'll need to make subscription for WMSPanel service.

Try transcoding

Your streaming scenarios may require Live Transcoder for changing the content, like making multiple resolutions, adding picture overlays or changing audio channels.

80 USD per month - this is your total cost for WMSPanel basic account with 1 Nimble Streamer instance and 1 Transcoder license at this point.

Add edges

As long as your audience grows and your traffic increases, you will face the need for improving your delivery network.

The cost will only depend on your approach (power origin vs. power edges vs. the combination of those), with 2 variables - number of edges origins/servers and number of Live Transcoder licenses. If you use extra reporting, it will also add up to your costs.

Further growth

Using step-by-step approach you will keep raising a scalable delivery network with full control of CAPEX and OPEX. It will be optimized for your streaming scenarios and use cases.
And our team will make sure you have our best support to help you achieve that.