Efficient tools to build your streaming infrastructure

Streaming Paywall

Protect and control access to your content
Available for Nimble Streamer and Wowza Streaming Engine

Hot-link protection

Secure your media from re-streaming via dynamic token URL signature:

  1. Add a short code snippet to your web pages to make media URL signature.
  2. Set up authentication rules in web control panel.
  3. Define hotlink protection per server, application or single stream.

Pre-defined restrictions

Pay-per-view framework

Pay-per-view framework is available for per-user access control.

  1. Set up a handler within your server farm to process data about clients.
  2. Add a short code snippet to your web pages to make special media URL signature.
  3. Set up authentication rules in web control panel.
  4. Control streaming behavior according to your business logic as you need.
  5. Collect high-detail per-user view statistics.

SSL in Nimble streamer

The content can be encrypted for transmission via Nimble Streamer.

Nimble Advertizer

Server-side ads insertion (SSAI) framework allows monetizing your live streaming.

  • Pre-roll ads per each connection.
  • Flexible timing for mid-roll ads.
  • SCTE-35 markers support.
  • Personalized ads via custom ads business logic.
  • HLS, RTMP, SLDP and Icecast outputs are currently supported.

Nimble DRM

Nimble Streamer DRM provides content encryption.

  • Google Widevine™ support to protect MPEG-DASH.
  • Microsoft Playready™ support to protect MPEG-DASH.
  • Apple FairPlay™ support to protect HLS.
  • Widevine Cloud Service support with key rotation.
  • EZDRM’s DRM-as-a-Service support for Widevine, FairPlay and Playready.
  • Verimatrix™ VCAS key management support to protect HLS with AES.
  • AES-128 encryption per HLS RFC for live and VOD content.


Check frequently asked questions regarding common issues resolution and usage.

More control

Other special features allow expanding control capabilities.


Usage snapshots show examples of combined usage of Softvelum products with paywall features.