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Larix Tuner

Orchestrate multiple Larix Broadcaster apps via a simple web service

Larix Broadcaster provides a wide range of streaming features for Android and Apple devices. No wonder many professional and amateur creators use it intensively on multiple devices for remote production scenarios.

However, REMI brings additional challenges for producers and content creators. Whether you’re a studio producer, a live stream director, or just a streaming enthusiast with several devices on the spot, you may want to configure and control all those multiple instances from a single place.

More devices bring more challenges

There are a few typical problems that remote production producers may face in that regard:

  • Remote contributors in the field need to get new connection settings to stream to the right server in the studio facility. Getting them manually may cause miscommunication and errors.
  • Multiple mobile devices are set on site (e.g., basketball court) by the production team to send streams from different angles. Each device needs to be controlled remotely: define settings for a particular event, start/stop stream, mute/unmute, enable overlays, etc.
  • The procurement department needs to purchase Larix Premium for different contributors on both iOS and Android platforms and transfer the purchased licenses among devices.
  • The REMI producer wants to get diagnostics of how remote devices operate in their networks: see streaming stats, bandwidth, lost packets, etc., to make streaming adjustments.

Larix Tuner was created to solve these problems.

Orchestrate Larix Broadcaster via Larix Tuner

With Larix Tuner, you can control your Larix Broadcaster app instances via a single web service.

  • Remotely enable and disable Larix Premium limitations.
  • (coming soon) Back up and restore device streaming settings.
  • (coming soon) Track streaming stats from each device over time.

Other features will be implemented later:

  • Get current configuration of the apps in the account.
  • Set connections configuration for those app instances.
  • Set video and audio encoder settings, define overlays, and more.
  • Start/stop/pause/resume streams, mute/unmute, control overlays behavior.
  • Operate app instances via service REST API to customize workflow outside the web UI.


The workflow is simple:

  1. Sign up for Larix Tuner.
  2. Create a license for a number of devices and subscribe for it.
  3. Pass the license to your contributors via QR code, deep link or as plain ID.
  4. Activate the license on each device.
  5. Use Larix Tuner web UI to control the instances.
  6. Add devices to licenses and activate them within apps any time.


It’s as little as 10 USD per month per device.

You may create multiple licenses. Each license may cover multiple devices. This way, you can create separate licenses for different groups of contributors.

Read more about Larix Tuner pricing.

Sign up now and start using Larix Tuner

Service opening is coming soon, it’s available for early access.

Request early access to Larix Tuner if you’d like to try it today or let us know if you have any questions and feature requests.