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Nimble Live Transcoder

Decode / transform / encode live video and audio streams in Nimble Streamer

Input spec

Supported codecs

  • H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AV1, NDI, MPEG2, MPEG4, VP8 and VP9 video
  • AAC, MP3, NDI, Opus, AC-3, MP2, Speex, PCM G.711 (a-law, μ-law), FLAC audio

Input protocols

  • RTMP pulled and published
  • RTSP pulled and announced
  • MPEG-TS via HTTP and UDP
  • SRT via all modes
  • NDI
  • Zixi
  • RIST via all modes
  • Pulled HLS
  • Icecast and SHOUTcast

Excellent performance

High-efficiency add-on for Nimble Streamer

Visit documentation reference for details.

Output spec

Supported codecs

  • H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AV1, NDI, VP8 and VP9 video
  • AAC, MP3, Opus and NDI audio
  • input codecs effortless pass-through

Output protocols

  • HLS (MPEG2TS, fMP4) playback
  • MPEG-DASH playback
  • RTMP and RTSP playback and re-publish
  • SRT streaming via all modes
  • SLDP playback
  • NDI with SEI metadata NTP sync-up
  • Zixi
  • RIST via all modes
  • MPEG-TS via HTTP and multicast
  • Icecast playback

Drag-n-drop web UI for transcoding scenarios

Watch transcoder UI in action

Watch latest Make mosaic video wall with Nimble Streamer Transcoder how-to tutorial

  • Apply filters without streams interruption
  • Resize or crop to create ABR resolutions
  • API to manipulate and control
  • Apply settings to multiple servers in a few clicks
  • Use any browser to setup and control
  • Allows building efficient filter chains

Affordable pricing

50 USD per month per 1 transcoder server license.
No licensing limits on amounts of transcoded streams.

Install Transcoder now

Available for Linux, Windows and Mac on x64 and ARM.

Documentation reference

Get further details on Live Transcoder capabilities.