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Larix Grove: propagate Larix settings to multiple devices

You have a crowd of streaming devices with Larix Broadcaster - correspondents, streamers and other contributors - and you need to distribute links among them in some easy way.

You can distribute streaming settings using easy Larix Grove format for URL-based settings.

  1. Describe settings. You create URL which consists of larix://set/ prefix and an array of URL parameters, each containing specific value.
    URL contains settings for connections and an encoder.
    You can also create a QR code for URL.
  2. Distribute. You propagate this URL or QR code via any medium like web page or messenger.
  3. Import. First option is deep linking: when you tap on larix:// URL on Android or iOS, Larix Broadcaster is launched.
    Then you can use Import Grove setting menu item from the app Setting / Connections menu
    You may also scan a QR code made with this URL. On iOS it's done by default camera, on Android you can use a QR code scanner of your choice like QR Droid.
    Larix Broadcaster appends new connections into its list and also applies encoder settings upon user approval.
  4. Export. All connections and important settings can be exported into Grove format as deep links and QR codes for further import into other apps and devices.

At the moment Grove is supported in Larix Broadcaster for Android and iOS.

Take a look at a demo video to see examples of a web link and a QR code processing.

Show URL format description

Use our convenient wizard to construct Larix Grove-compliant URL

Type "rtmp", "rtsp", "rist" or "srt" protocol in URL field to open protocol-specific fields.

Copy URLQR-codeOpen in Larix app



Video encoder

Audio encoder


URL examples

The smallest valid Grove-compliant RTMP URL would be:
It will add a new RTMP connection without any authorization.

SRT connection:
This is an SRT connection with low latency for streaming inside of local network.

YouTube stream:
You can see a typical YouTube publishing URL and mode is set to Video+audio, as YouTube cannot take video-only or audio-only stream.

Two connections with FPS setting:
This will add two RTMPS secure connections (primary and secondary) each with RTMP authentication, and the video encoder will be set to have 30 FPS.