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Larix Broadcaster

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Larix Broadcaster + Larix Screencaster
free apps and SDK for Android

Softvelum provides a set of tools for remote contribution

Larix streaming library

Mobile streaming library provides transmission from mobile.

  • SRT in Push (Caller), Listen and Rendezvous modes with errors recovery and encryption, libsrt version 1.4.3.
  • RTMP and RTSP publishing.
  • RTMPS and RTSPS support - RTMP and RTSP over SSL.
  • RIST protocol Push mode support: RIST Main and Simple Profile, librist 0.2.0.
  • Talkback for Larix Broadcaster allows getting audio return feed from studio.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections allow streaming to several destinations at the same time.
  • You can stream to services like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Wowza Streaming Cloud, Amazon Interactive Video Service, Limelight, Akamai, Dacast as well as media servers like Wowza, Nimble Streamer, Red5 and others. All popular authentication methods are supported. Check docs reference for more examples.
  • Adaptive video bitrate (ABR) is supported via logarithmic descend, ladder ascend, hybrid approach and variable FPS.
    Read respective Q11 in Larix FAQ to learn more technical details.

Codecs. Video is encoded with interleaved H.264/AVC everywhere and H.265/HEVC on supporting devices. Audio is encoded with AAC.
All supported protocols can carry those codecs, with HEVC over RTMP as non-standard feature.

Larix Grove format. Grove allows you easily distribute your connection and encoder settings via deep links and QR codes.
Visit Larix Grove page for more details.

Larix Broadcaster free app

Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster uses full power of mobile devices cameras to stream live content, basic features include:

  • Larix streaming library capabilities.
  • Landscape/portrait orientation.
  • Live rotation support.
  • Front/back cameras hot switch.
  • "Always vertical" and "Always horizontal" modes support.
  • Content recording and screenshots saving support.
  • Pause the stream: long tap on Start will pause the stream without disconnecting it.
    Video track will contain a black screen, audio track will contain silence.
  • Stand-by mode: when stopped, long tap on Start will start stream in pause mode, waiting to start with the camera image.
    A separate set of overlays can be mapped onto stand-by.
  • Audio-only capture mode: disable preview, stream from background, no video in output stream.
  • Overlays support:
    • Define image layers;
    • Assign layers for all mode: streaming, pause and stand-by;
    • Use external URL and local images;
    • Enable layers on-the-fly via quick display options.
  • Other platform-specific features are listed on Android and iOS pages.

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Larix Broadcaster sources are included in Larix Broadcaster SDK which is described later on this page.


Larix Broadcaster usage is mentioned by a number of industry professionals.

Larix Screencaster free app


Both Android and iOS allow capturing the screen of user device, so Larix Screencaster captures it and uses streaming capabilities of Larix library to encode and stream it.
All protocols and codecs of Larix Broadcaster are available for Larix Screencaster.

Read Larix iOS page and docs reference for iOS Screencaster setup details.

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Larix Screencaster sources are included in Larix Broadcaster SDK.

Larix Broadcaster SDK

For those who need to add live streaming functionality into their mobile apps, we provide Larix Broadcaster SDK. You can create your own mobile apps or just customize our apps to your use cases.

All Larix SDKs include

  • Larix streaming library.
  • Source code of Larix Broadcaster and Larix Screencaster.
  • Sample apps sources.
SDKs are available via monthly subscription. You pay us as long as you need our software updates and our technical support.

Visit SDKs pages to find out more.

Go to Larix Broadcaster SDK for iOS Go to Larix Broadcaster SDK for Android

Documentation, FAQ and videos

Visit documentation reference page to learn more about Larix apps setup and usage.

Check Larix Broadcaster FAQ with most popular questions about mobile streaming technologies.

Best practices for Larix Broadcaster production deployment for live streaming from mobile devices.

Watch our YouTube playlist with various video tutorials.

Larix Player

If you need not only to produce but to play live stream on your mobile device, check out Larix Player for Android and iOS.