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Nimble Streamer AV1 Support

New advanced codec can be used for both input and output


AOMedia Video 1 codec, or AV1, is a free codec that is being widely adopted by the streaming media industry. Its support is now provided by various hardware and software products.

Nimble Streamer software media server supports AV1 codec in various transport protocols and delivery options.

Live Streaming AV1

Nimble Streamer supports many different live streaming scenarios.

Input protocols

Users can utilize the following delivery methods.

The MPEGTS-based protocols are not standardized yet so these are working only in connection to other Nimble Streamer instance:

Output protocols

Users can deliver AV1 outside using the following methods.

  • MPEG-DASH is codec-agnostic so it supports live AV1 transmuxing output.
  • SLDP can deliver content with multiple codecs, including AV1.
    AV1 contacnt can be played using SLDP HTML 5 Player.
  • RTMP is available for re-publishing.
  • SRT via all modes but only to another Nimble Steamer instance.

DVR for AV1

AV1 can be recorded and played with DVR feature set via MPEG-DASH protocol.

AV1 for Video-on-Demand

Nimble Streamer provides efficient streaming of H.265-encoded video in VOD mode via both MPEG-DASH and HLS.

Nimble Paywall Capabilities for AV1

The following features and capabilities are available in Nimble Streamer for building paywalls for HEVC.

  • Hot-linking protection to avoid media links hi-jacking.
  • Pay-per-view framework for controlling playback in pay-per-view, pay-per-minute, monthly subscription and other scenarios.
  • Geo-location and IP ranges restriction.
  • Paywall feature set is applicable for all output protocols.

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