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Deploy Low Latency HLS with Softvelum

Softvelum products can stream and play Low Latency HLS

Low Latency HLS is the next generation of Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming protocol created to achieve latency of around three seconds.
Media server and media player must be compliant with Low Latency HLS spec to make it work.
Softvelum covers both sides.

Nimble Streamer transforms live content into Low Latency HLS.
Any supported protocol like RTMP or SRT can be used as a source.

Nimble Streamer LLHLS setup article gives more technical details.

Watch our video tutorials about LL HLS usage:
Apple Low Latency HLS setup in Nimble Streamer
Converting NDI to Apple Low Latency HLS

Larix Player for iOS allows playing HLS in Low Latency mode.
Player SDK provides an easy way to add playback into your apps.

Why Low Latency HLS?

HLS of RFC8216 is currently a de-facto standard for live and VOD delivery. Chunks of content with simple playlists delivered over HTTP/1.1 give the simplicity of implementation, wide platforms availability, adaptive bitrate (ABR) support, easy caching and scalability. However this approach has its disadvantages for live streaming. The chunk size recommended by Apple is 6 seconds which practically means up to 20 seconds latency.

Low Latency HLS (LLHLS) is the next-generation protocol designed to minimize streaming latency. It offers benefits such as partial segment access and optimized playlist requests, all while maintaining compatibility with legacy HLS.

Nimble Streamer excels at streaming HLS Low Latency, allowing packaging from various live sources and accommodating fMP4 (CMAF) and audio-only containers.

Low Latency extension of HLS enables new capabilities for video streaming:

  • Partial segments (parts) can be accessed before full chunks of content are available.
  • Using HTTP/2 to reduce connections’ overhead.
  • Playlist requests optimized manipulation.
  • H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC content delivery.
  • Full backwards compatibility with legacy HLS.

Nimble Streamer: Transforming Live Content into Low Latency HLS (LLHLS)

Nimble Streamer media server is fully capable of streaming Low Latency HLS:

  • LL HLS can be packaged from any available live source such as RTMP, SRT, RTSP, MPEG-TS or Icecast.
  • It allows using fMP4 (CMAF) and audio-only containers.
  • Live Transcoder decodes and encodes live content between supported codecs, along with building transformation chains.
  • WMSPanel provides wide reporting capabilities.

Learn more:

Apple Low Latency HLS provides up to 3 seconds of delay on Apple devices.
How about same latency on HTML5, Android and native iOS?
Use SLDP ultra-low latency technology.

Also, consider trying WebRTC WHEP Playback in any modern browser.
Nimble Streamer has full support for it.