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Live Transcoder pricing policy

Transcoder is a subscription-based product

Each Transcoder instance requires a License

Each instance of Transcoder for Nimble Streamer needs an active license to perform transcoding. Our company is a licensee of several encoding technologies and patents so we need to pay appropriate royalties.
To activate a license you'll need to pay for it and its cost will be included into a monthly payments of WMSPanel. Follow the link on a license management page to proceed with license activation.

50 USD per month per license

License is active while it has an active WMSPanel subscription which covers it.
One account has one WMSanel subscription which covers all licenses.
You may cancel license any time, so you won't keep paying for it the next billing period.

Learn more about WMSPanel pricing and payments processing, including up-front payments.

If the license is inactive, the transcoding process on your Transcoder instance is stopped.

1 license = 1 transcoder on 1 server

Each license is granted for 1 transcoder instance running on 1 server at a time.
You may transfer license to any other server if you need.

Server license has no limits on number of transcoded streams, that number depends only on your hardware capability.

Adding more licenses

Need to add new transcoder? Of course, you'll need a new license. This means WMSPanel subscription update. The upgrade means upgrading the monthly subscription and also making proportional payment which covers the cost until the beginning of next billing period. The minimum update payment is 5 USD.

Some eligible customers may defer new license payments to have the proportional charge as part of monthly payment for the next billing period.

Some examples

  • You have a trial account of WMSPanel and you add a license of Transcoder.
  • At May, 1st, you want to subscribe for WMSPanel and start with 1 license to see transcoding in action. So you subscribe for basic price of 30 USD of WMSPanel and 50 USD to get 1 license of Transcoder. After 2 weeks of tests you decide to keep it running and to get 2 additional licenses. So you pay 2*25 USD for remaining period and also your subscription is upgraded by 100 USD. On June, 1st, you are charged by 30 + 50 + 10 = 180 USD.
  • On June, 30th, you need to get a new license. So you pay 5 USD and on July, 1st, you are charged by 230 USD.
  • You de-activate 2 licenses on July, 20th. Your subscription is downgraded, but your licenses remain active until August, 1st.

Moving license

In case of hardware failure or upgrade you can move license between transcoder instances by re-registering license on a new server.

Failures of recurring payment

Your WMSPanel subscription may fail to update due to payment method problems. After 2 weeks it will be automatically cancelled. No problem, your transcoder will keep working for a week.After 2 weeks of missing payments it will be automatically canceled, all of your licenses will become inactive and transcoding will stop at your instances.


You will be able to cancel any number of licenses any moment. In this case your subscription will be downgraded accordingly at the end of current billing period. At the beginning of next billing period the canceled license will be de-activated.

We do not make re-funds.

Q: "Can I get a trial for Live Transcoder before buying it?"

No. We currently don't provide a trial for Live Transcoder due to licensing limitations. So you need to get a license in order to test it. However you may cancel your license any time if you decide to stop using it.

Q: "Are there any limitations for transcoder instance? E.g. number of streams etc."

No. Once you install Transcoder instance and register a license for it, you can do any processing you need, with no limitations like number of streams.

Q: "I just need to convert RTMP to HLS - do I need your transcoder?"

No. Any transmuxing feature of Nimble Streamer is part of freeware functionality. Transcoder is a different product for different purposes.

Any other questions?

Contact our team to get answers.