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Larix mobile app and SDK for iOS

iOS app and SDK for capturing and streaming content

Softvelum provides a set of mobile streaming development tools for creating user-generated mobile media on iOS.iOS
Minimum supported iOS version is 9.3.

Encode and stream content with Larix library

We provide streaming library with the apps framework to use it properly.
Key content streaming features include:

  • Interleaved H.264 (AVC) video and AAC audio encoding.
  • H.265 (HEVC) video encoding on supporting devices.
  • RTMP and RTSP publishing over TCP.
  • RTMPS and RTSPS support - RTMP and RTSP over SSL
  • SRT via UDP in Push (Caller) mode with errors recovery and encryption, library version 1.4.1
  • Basic and Digest authentication for RTSP and RTMP.
  • HEVC over RTMP is supported as non-standard experimental feature.
  • Fixed FPS can be selected from the list of supported values.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections to several destinations.
  • Full support for Facebook, YouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope Producer, Dacast and Akamai, Limelight CDN and other online services.
    With 5G technology being the future of mobile networks, this allows easily deliver to any points simultaneous.

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Larix Broadcaster free app

Larix Broadcaster

You can use streaming capabilities for free using our fully-functional Larix Broadcaster apps.
Besides encoding and streaming features, Larix Broadcaster uses full power of mobile devices:

  • Landscape and portrait various modes support with device dynamic orientation.
  • "Always vertical" and "Always horizontal" modes
  • Front and back cameras with hot switch.
  • 4K streaming support on latest iOS devices.
  • Video+audio, video only and audio only modes.
  • Auto Focus Lock - long press anywhere in the preview, and AF is locked until you tap to re-focus.
  • Recording to MP4 and saving screenshots.
  • Pinch-to-zoom.
  • Bluetooth audio.

ABR (adaptive bitrate) transmission is available in 3 modes:

  • Logarithmic descend - gracefully descend from max bitrate down step by step. Retries to raise back to previous step every minute. Best fit for good networks.
  • Ladder ascend - first cut bitrate by 2/3 and increase it back to normal as much as possible. Retries to raise back to previous steps in 15 seconds, 1.5 and then 5 minutes. Best fit for networks with big losses.
  • Variable FPS can be used as an option, it will reduce bitrate by decreasing FPS in addition to changing the bitrate value.
This feature is disabled by default, it's enabled in Video menu.

Visit documentation reference to learn more about Larix Broadcaster setup and usage.

Larix Screencaster free app


Android allows capturing the screen of user device, so Larix Screencaster uses streaming capabilities to capture the screen, encode and stream it.
Read this article for setup details or refer to Apple's support article or support video with our own setup video.

Larix premium SDK

You can get Larix library, free app and other source code examples by subscribing to our SDK.
This means you can create your own mobile solutions and customize our solutions to your streaming use cases and scenarios.

Source code examples of SDK include Larix Broadcaster app source code with all of its capabilities.
If you purchase SLDP Player SDK, you also get combined streaming/playback sample app.

Documentation and FAQ

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit.

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