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Using Softvelum products to process, deliver and control audio streaming

Softvelum products allow getting a stream from audio mixer as well as produce an audio live stream at mobile device using Larix Broadcaster. Once the stream is received, Nimble Advertizer can insert dynamic ads and play it on mobile, while Qosifire can make sure the stream is properly delivered to users with no glitches or silence.

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Audio mixer

You may use any audio mixer or encoder device as an input for Nimble Streamer.

Nimble Streamer supports input of protocols like RTMP, Icecast, RTSP, SRT and others.
Audio codecs support includes AAC, MP3 and many more, check full list of protocols and codecs for details.

Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer is a software media server which allows processing any kind of incoming streams and deliver the result to multiple viewers or to other servers. When audio stream gets in, it's transformed into any protocols supported by end-user devices.

You can use this setup article to see how incoming Icecast stream can be processed in Nimble Streamer.

Output protocols for audio listeners include audio-only HLS, Icecast, SLDP and more, with multiple codecs. Check full list of supported protocols and codecs for more details.

Nimble Streamer is a freeware. If you'd like to use WMSPanel for controlling Nimble Streamer or get some stats, you'll need to subscribe for it.


Qosifire is a quality monitoring service. It makes sure your stream is available 24/7, its protocol is valid and the content is consistent.
Qosifire has Icecast quality monitoring which includes overall stream consistency and basic silence detection.

Read more about how to get started with the monitoring and why use Qosifire for your use cases.


WMSPanel is a cloud control panel where you can set up behavior of Nimble Streamer, Nimble Advertizer and other features. It's a web UI available in any browser on any device.
This web service also collects stats and provides detailed info about content consumption.
WMSPanel is available on 2-weeks trial period, its monthly subscription price starts from 30 USD per month.

Nimble Advertizer

You may consider monetizing you audio streams using Nimble Advertizer server-side ads insertion framework.
It provides flexible mechanics for inserting pre-roll and mid-roll advertising into live output streams.
You may use custom business logic and per-user ads.

Read technical spec to see how it works and how you can use it in your streaming infrastructure.
Advertizer demo has Icecast and audio-only HLS demo streams to play.

Mobile playback

Audio stream output can be played with Larix Player which allows playing Icecast, SRT and ultra-low latency SLDP.
You may use Larix Player free apps for Android and iOS, or just build your own player with our SDK for Android and iOS.

Mobile streaming app

You may be your own DJ via the mobile device:

  • Larix Broadcaster free application both Android and iOS allows streaming in audio-only mode.
  • Larix mobile SDK allows creating your own apps.

Larix SDK has source code for Larix Broadcaster and other sample projects for various use cases.
You may subscribe for mobile SDK for as long as you need our updates and support.

Get more details on Android setup, iOS setup and SRT setup .

Learn more on mobile solutions page.

Output for publishing: RTMP, RTSP, SRT