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Larix Player for iOS

SRT, SLDP, HLS, Icecast, HLS and RTMP live playback for iOS

Larix Player for iOS covers live streaming playback:

Advanced options include:

  • Disable media sync - disables syncing of video and audio, this helps in case if incoming stream inconsistency.
  • Use external decoder - streaming library decompresses images prior to sending to display, instead of sending compressed image.

Larix Player free app

Larix Player

You can use Larix Player for free.
Read more about Using Magewell Ultra Encode with the Larix Player App to Transport SRT Streams as example of its usage.
Download at App Store

Larix Player may be combined with SLDP web player to cover SLDP iOS browser playback use case. Read this article for more details.

Larix Player SDK

Softvelum provides SDK which includes source code of the Player for iOS and tvOS. You can use it in your applications for real-time playback.
Being subscribed, you be able to get updates and our technical support.

Go to Larix Player SDK for iOS page

Larix Broadcaster

If you need not only to play but to stream from your mobile device, check out Larix Broadcaster for Android and iOS.