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Get Softvelum mobile SDKs

All of our SDKs are available via subscription.
As long as you are subscribed, you'll get SDK updates and our technical support.

License subscription requires periodical monthly payments which are not refundable.

To subscribe for mobile SDK, you'll need to register for WMSPanel account.
This will allow you to choose the SDKs for subscription and to download the purchased packages.
The registered account will remain active even if you cancel your subscriptions so you'll be able to get back any time later.

Notice that by subscribing to Softvelum SDK monthly subscription you agree to its Software License Agreement.

Subscribe for Larix Broadcaster SDKs

Price for Android SDK: 300 USD/m

Price for iOS SDK: 300 USD/m

Subscribe for Larix Player SDKs

Price for Android / Android TV SDK: 500 USD/m

Price for iOS / tvOS SDK: 500 USD/m

Subscribe for HTML5 SLDP Player SDK

Price for HTML5 Player SDK: 500 USD/m

SLDP web player subscription is processed in a separate way.
Besides subscription, HTML5 SLDP Player SDK will also require to send us the list of domains where you want to use the player at. The list will be added into the package we'll send you. So once you subscribe, please contact us to provide the list.

Any questions?

Q1: Is there a trial for your SDKs?

Our SDKs can be tried in action using corresponding freeware applications available in app stores. The SDKs have source code of those apps.

Q2: Are there any limitations on SDKs usage?

No. You may create any number of applications for publishing by your company, based on purchased SDKs. If you un-subscribe, your apps will remain fully functional.

Q3: Can I use your SDK if my SDK subscription is canceled?

Yes, you can use SDK and release your apps even if SDK was canceled after one or more months of payments. However, you will not be receiving SDK updates nor will you be able to get our technical support.

Q4: I used to be subscribed to SDK before, then canceled, how can I get updates now?

Just subscribe again for those SDKs which you're interested in.

Q5: Can you make a branded app for me and submit it in stores?

No. Our team in concentrated on the core product, and we recommend hiring mobile dev professionals who can make custom branding for you.
This won't take much money and time though. Just subscribe for the SDK you need and give it to an integrator of your choice, they'll complete it within a couple of days, depending on a level of customization.

You may also consider contacting integrator companies whch have experience with our products. They are not affiliated with Softvelum but you should befinitely try contacting them.

Q6: How do I know about SDK updates?

If you are subscribed to any SDK, you will get notification about updates via email.
You may also check SDK releases history page to check what we have at the moment.

Q7: I have more questions!

Read full version of FAQ for more answers.

Larix documentation reference has large set of tutorials and articles which might help you set up our applications.