Android playback for SLDP, Icecast and RTMP

Low delay SLDP Player for Softvelum Low Delay Protocol, Icecast and RTMP


Real-time media delivery is important for many cases like chats, security, bidding and online sports. Hence the need for reliable way to play low delay live streams on mobile devices.

Softvelum provides Android player for such purposes.

SLDP Player free app

You can use SLDP Player for free.
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The APK for SLDP Player can be downloaded here.

SLDP Player premium SDK

Softvelum provides SDK which includes source code of the SLDP Player. You can use it in your applications for real-time playback.
Being subscribed, you be able to get updates and our technical support.
If you subscribe for both Larix streaming SDK and SLDP Player SDK, you get a combined demo app showing "video call" functionality with both streaming and playback.


Please also take a look at frequently asked questions to see advantages and best techniques of SLDP usage.

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Larix Broadcaster and SDK for streaming from mobile

To allow your users broadcast from mobile devices, you should take a look at Larix Broadcaster app and SDK. It has wide support for capturing, encoding and transmitting the content.
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Part of your streaming infrastructure

SLDP Player works perfectly with other Softvelum solutions.
Check some snapshots of Softvelum usage to see how you can use SLDP Player with other products.

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