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Premium features of our mobile apps

The vast majority of Larix Broadcaster features are available for free, right from the store.

However, some capabilities are available via in-app subscriptions.
The paid period is one month with additional option of one year for Premium.

In this article we explain the reason for moving to this new model.

We show the basic USD price for the United States, the final price may vary depending on country of purchase and local taxes.

Larix Premium, $9.99/m or $119.00/y

The following features are available as part of Larix Premium:

  • SRT streaming watermark is removed when Larix Premium is active.
  • Remove time limit for streaming.
    Without Premium, Larix allows streaming for 30 minutes for free + another 30 minutes with mandatory overlay. Then the stream is stopped.
  • HEVC encoding. Delivered via all protocols, including Enhanced RTMP spec.
    Now with RTMP you can publish HEVC into YouTube, with HDR on supported devices
  • Zixi streaming for more than 5 minutes
  • WebRTC streaming for more than 5 minutes
  • SEI NTP metadata insertion
  • GPS feature set
  • Advanced Connectivity settings menu
  • Three or more simultaneous connections
  • Six or more pre-defined connections
  • Larix Talkback

The iOS-specific features under Larix Premium:

The Android-specific features under Larix Premium:

  • Background streaming
  • Coming up: OTG USB streaming for more than 5 minutes.
    We’ll add this after we make stability improvements to this feature set.

NDI support, $19.99/m

NDI output is supported in both Android and iOS versions of Larix Broadcaster.

NDI support subscription also covers all features under Larix Premium subscription.

Screencaster Premium, $9.99/m or $119.00/y

Sceencaster Premium of Larix Screencaster Removes time limit for streaming.
Without Premium, Larix Screencaster allows streaming for 5 minutes for free with mandatory overlay. Then the stream is stopped.

Player Premium, $9.99/m

Premium subscription for Larix Player enables videowall feature.
Also, Android Player may run the playback in the background.


Q1: Can I use the same subscription under different devices?

If you use the same account on multiple devices, you can use the one subscription to unlock Premium or NDI subscription on each of them. If you use the same Apple ID on several iPhones in your production setup, you will pay for only one subscription and use it on each of those devices. The same applies to your Google account and Android phones.

Current limit is 10 (ten) devices per one Apple ID or Google account.

At the moment, you can’t share your iPhone subscription with an Android phone. Subscriptions are tied to the platform’s account (Apple ID or Google Account), so you’ll need separate subscriptions for iOS and Android devices.

Q2: How can I buy subscription for other person?

You can purchase gift cards from from Apple or from Google and provide them to your customers so they could use them for monthly or yearly subscription.

Notice that gift card is valid only in the country of purchase.

Q3: I subscribed on Apple but still have limitations.

If you subscribed on iPhone or iPad but still have limitations, please make sure that your subscription process was completed by the ‘All set’ message. You can check your subscription status at Settings / Subscriptions menu. If you see a yellow sign when starting your streaming, this means no subscription is activated. In this case you should check your subscription status and try again. You may try to use Settings / Help & Support / Restore purchases menu.

Q4: Apple Business Manager – are your subscriptions supported on its managed devices?

According to AppleIn-app purchases and subscriptions aren’t compatible with volume purchasing, Managed Apps, or Managed Apple IDs. So they are not yet available there.

Q5: I cannot subscribe for Premium in Brazil via Google Play

Unfortunately Brazil’s compliance requires too much paperwork so we temporary postponed the sales there. Check the list of other countries where Premium is available in Google Play.

Streaming providers and services

If you’re a streaming platform or service provider with thousands of streamer and you want them to use Larix Broadcaster for free, please let us know about it.
We may provide you with a sponsorship options.

If you’re an active streamer, you may get in touch with your platform and ask them to help you make Larix available for you for free.