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Larix Tuner Service Pricing and Payment Information

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The basic price for Larix Tuner service
is $10 USD per month per device

Larix Tuner uses a “license for devices” model:

  • Each account may have any number of licenses.
  • Each license may cover any number of “devices”.
  • A “device” is an instance of Larix Broadcaster mobile application on a mobile device.
  • A license is activated in any Larix instance, registering as one device from that license.

This approach allows creating separate licenses for different groups of mobile contributors and propagate licenses in a flexible way.

The payment process is simple:

  1. Create a license
  2. Define the number of devices for the license
  3. Subscribe for a month, with the cost calculated as the number of devices multiplied by the monthly cost ($10 USD).
  4. Activate the license on your respective devices to start controlling them via Larix Tuner.
  5. If you need more devices in a license or want to add more licenses with devices, create a new license and add those new devices. Then, pay the amount proportional to the number of devices and the number of days left in your main subscription’s billing period. Your next payment will cover all existing devices.

Example. You sign up for Larix Tuner account, create a license with 3 devices and subscribe for 30 USD on August 1st. On August 15th, you add 10 more devices. You then pay an additional amount calculated as 10 (devices) * $10 USD (per device) * 0.5 (for 15 days, or half a month) = $50 USD. On September 1st, you pay for all 13 devices, totaling $130 USD.

We use PayPro Global payment gateway to receive money from bank cards, PayPal, and other recurring payment methods.

Up-front Payments

In the future, we plan to introduce up-front payments to add credit to your account and pay for devices using that credit. This will provide additional payment options, like wire transfers, for your convenience.


You can cancel your subscription anytime during your billing cycle and continue using the service for the remaining paid period.


Contact our helpdesk in case of any questions or issues.

Try Larix Tuner today

Service opening is coming soon, it’s available for early access.

Request early access to Larix Tuner if you’d like to try it today or let us know if you have any questions and feature requests.