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Larix Player SDK for iOS

Build streaming playback apps for iOS and tvOS with our SDK

Larix Player
Softvelum Larix Player gives rich set of protocols to play live streaming content on mobile devices and Apple TV.
It's a freeware app however there are cases when you might want to build your own applications.
Softvelum provides SDKs for that case. Larix Player SDK for iOS is one of them.

Why Larix Player SDK?

  • SRT (all modes), SLDP, RTMP/RTMPS, Icecast and HLS protocols: Larix playback library provides ability to play your streaming content via all of them.
  • All other features of Larix Player.
  • iOS and tvOS (Apple TV) support.
  • SDK package includes source code for your reference, with full set of comments within the code. You can find out more about SDK package below.
  • SDK is available on subscription basis. You pay as long as you need our software updates and technical support.

What is included into Larix Player iOS SDK?

Larix Player iOS SDK package has the following elements.

  • Larix Player iOS application source code with comments for every important component and code fragment.
  • Larix Player tvOS application, also as a source code.
  • Binary libraries: libsldp (Softvelum closed-source playback library) and libsrt (official SRT Alliance library).

Having all that you will be able to create your own apps based on Larix Player, as well as include streaming playback capabilities into your existing apps.

High-level overview of Larix Player

Coming soon.

Subscribe for SDK

iOS SDK of Larix Player costs 500 USD per month. You pay as long as you need our updates and technical support, with 1 month minimum.
By subscribing to our SDK, you agree to SDK software license agreement.

Visit FAQ page to learn more about purchase and other questions.

Register at WMSPanel to subscribe for Larix Player iOS SDK

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Download free app

You can always test all features in action via free Larix Player app for iOS and Apple TV.
Download at App Store