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Nimble Streamer Demonstration

Are you ready to experience the power of Nimble Streamer?

Seeing is believing. Check out our sample videos on a demo virtual server.
Our demo server has 512M RAM plus a single-core CPU. Set up your own cost effective cloud machines with Nimble installed for even more evaluations.

Streaming demos

You can test different scenarios using controls below. Choose stream protocol and click on player name to try it.

    Nimble Streamer also supports MP4 as HLS VOD. There are plenty of options when using this powerful and flexible server.
    Please see this simple “how-to” as example.

    Nimble Streamer allows streaming MP4 as MPEG-DASH VOD.

    Nimble Streamer supports pseudo-streaming with time marks seeking for both MP4 and FLV.

    Nimble Streamer supports progressive download HTML5 video and allows seeking by HTTP Range headers.

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    THEOplayer is the only HTML5 video player that can guarantee HTTP Live Streaming playback,cross-platform, without any plugins.

    Radiant Media Player is fully compatible with Nimble Streamer output and provides a state of the art video streaming experience.

    SLDP playback demos

    SLDP is a low delay streaming protocol based on WebSockets. Streams can be played in any current browser.

    Take a look at the following demos showing SLDP-powered use cases:

    Nimble Advertizer Live Demonstration

    Look no further than Nimble Advertizer Live Demo page for a comprehensive demonstration of server-side ads insertion.
    Outputs range from HLS, RTMP and SLDP streaming video to audio-only HLS and Icecast live audio.

    All streams have 1 pre-roll and 2 different mid-rolls inserted periodically.

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