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Mosaic videowall of SLDP players

Multiple SLDP HTML5 web players can be put into mosaic to track streams on the same screen

This demo shows a mosaic video wall of SLDP HTML5 players in 2*2 grid. This is a useful setup for cases when you need to manually monitor and track multiple SLDP real-time streams on the same screen. By default, the sound is muted so it would not interfere with each other. In addition, they have VU-meters to track the audio level.

Make your own mosaic using reference simplified version of this page on our github. You may change it accordingly to make as many players as you need.
Notice that you may want to have low resolution for the streams in your videowall. This will allow saving bandwidth and reduce the resources consumption for your users' browsers.

Click on "Start players" button below to initiate loading players and starting their respective playback.
We use a couple of our demo streams but you may insert your own streams URLs to see how this videowall will work for you.