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Nimble Streamer Playout Wizard

Welcome to the Playout Wizard page for Nimble Streamer. Here, you can create and configure a Server Playlist for your live streaming needs.

The configuration process is straightforward, with options to specify the output stream, block name, loop block, start time in GMT, full file path or live stream, and playlist sync interval. To help you get started, we have also included a series of video tutorials that showcase the playlist features and web UI in action.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, our team is here to help. Simply reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you. Please get started today and take your streaming to the next level with Nimble Streamer's Playlist Generator.

Playlist generator

On this page, you can make a configuration for Nimble Streamer Server Playlist which allows creating live stream from the files on the Nimble Streamer’s hard disk. More info

First, make a playlist for Nimble Streamer by completing these simple steps:

  • fill stream and application name (required)
  • add the full path to single or multiple files in a Block (required)
  • specify a starting time for a Block in GMT (optional, current GMT time is )
  • loop Block (optional)
  • set starting point and playback duration of a file if needed, in seconds (ms will be used in a playlist)
  • if a file has multiple A/V tracks, you can specify those needed for the playback
  • add more Blocks or Tasks if needed

Next, transfer a playlist in a JSON notation to a Nimble server. You may modify a file manually for more options any time later.

The final step is to enable Server Playlist processing by specifying the full path to it using the server_playlist_sync_url option at nimble.conf file.

server_playlist_sync_url = /home/user/config/server_playlist.json

Notice that Live Transcoder package is required for running Nimble Server Playlist feature.

Please read full technical description of the Server Playlist feature for details.

Please take a look at these video tutorials showing playlist features and web UI in action:

Video tutorials

Take a look at these video tutorials showing playlist features and web UI in action:

Contact us if you have any quesitons or issues.