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Roadmap for Larix Broadcaster and Larix Player

Here are the major feature sets that we plan implementing in the upcoming development iterations.
All features will be implemented on both Android and iOS unless it's a feature specific to some platform.
They are listed in the priority order. It may change over time.
This is just a bird-eye view, meaning that minor improvements and fixes will be made besides big features' development.
Any feedback is welcomed in our helpdesk.

Larix Broadcaster

React Native: make integration of Larix library into React code for Android and iOS (In progress)
Get early access to Larix SDK for React Native

SRT libsrt v1.4.4 migration

Audio enhancements: gain level control, input indication, VU-meter during mute and more

NTP support: adding meta info to source for better streams' synchronization on decoders

Overlays enhancements: improvements per feedback, text overlays, HTML overlays

Separate streaming and recording: make different resolutions for file record and outgoing streams

NDI output: feasibility study and implementation

Flutter: feasibility and compatibility study with Larix code and libraries, code samples for SDK

Talkback enhancements: video talkback, mixed audio talkbacks

RTMP input: published and pulled streams processing to make them sources of image in addition to camera

RTSP input: same scope as RTMP input

Larix Player

Network improvements, e.g connections retry

Background playback

Stream recording and screenshots

Videowall and picture-in-picture playback

RTSP playback

RIST playback

Generating talkback audio feed