All of our mobile and HTML5 SDKs are available on subscription basis.
As long as you are subscribed, you'll get SDK updates and our technical support.

To get the SDK with library please follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Subscribe for SDK support

Choose the right payment option below.

Mobile Broadcasting SDK:
Android (300 USD/m) iOS (300 USD/m) Windows Phone (700 USD/m)

SLDP Player SDK:
HTML5 (500 USD/m) Android (500 USD/m) iOS (500 USD/m)

Notice that license subscription requires periodical monthly payments which are not refundable.

Step 2: Sign the license

Once we get the payment, we'll send you a software license agreement for e-signature within one business day. We'll use the email and the name mentioned in payment details. Take a look at general SDK license for your consideration.

Step 3: Download SDK

Once the document is signed by both parties, you'll get the SDK within a business day.


Q1: Is there a trial for your SDKs?

Our SDKs can be tried in action using corresponding freeware applications available in app stores. The SDKs have source code of those apps.

Q2: Are there any limitations on SDKs usage?

No. You may create any number of applications based on purchased SDKs. If you unsubscribe, your apps will remain fully functional.

Q3: I used to be subscribed to SDK before, then canceled, how can I get updates now?

Just subscribe again for those SDKs you're interested in. You can check SDKs release notes to see what has changed since you had your last update.

Any other questions? Contact us